It's a 2-hour evening kids camp from June 3-6th at 6-8pm on the Trinity Church East Fishers campus (11721 Olio Road, Fishers 46037). This camp is designed to be a safe, fun-filled, and uplifting experience that will help kids meet new friends, make lasting summer memories, and discover God's purpose for their life.

What ages can participate?
We welcome 3-year olds who are potty-trained and can use the restroom independently all the way through children who have just completed Grade 5. The preschool and elementary activity tracks are separate.

How much does it cost?
Zero. Nada. Zilch. POWER UP is absolutely FREE.


What will my child do at KIDS CAMP?
Your child will have a blast! Children begin in a large-group environment where we build the excitement with energetic music and an outrageously fun team competition. From there, children travel in smaller groups of 6-8 children throughout our facility to do different activities like high-energy games and a tasty snack station. Children will be grouped by age as follows: 3–5 year olds, K-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade.

Who will be responsible for my child during POWER UP KIDS CAMP?
Your child will enjoy the week with a group of 6-8 kids led by a small group leader. Your child's group and leader will remain the same throughout the week so that your child will have familiar faces each night. Our small group leaders love kids, and many of them are regular volunteers in Trinity Kids (our Sunday Morning Children's Ministry).

Can my child bring a friend?
Absolutely! As long as our enrollment has not reached capacity, we want all your friends to join us. The more the merrier!

Kids_Camp_Outdoors.jpgHow can I be sure my child is safe?
Your child will be with their small group leader at all times. Your child's leader will make sure they are safe. Also, each evening when you arrive, you'll receive a parent pick-up tag that matches your child's tag. We'll check those when you pick up your child to make sure everyone gets home safely. 

What if my child has an allergy?
Children will be offered a snack each evening. If your child has an allergy, please note that when you register. Each evening, we'll have all the snack ingredients posted at the check-in table, and we'll always have an alternate snack available if needed.

What if my child has an emergency?
Just in case, you'll provide us with emergency contact information when you register. We'll also have a first aid station prepared for any accidental bumps or scrapes.



Questions? Contact Katie Metz, our Kids Camp Director.