Global Missions

Trinity Church's mission to Love God, Love One Another and Help Others Know and Love God extends from our city to around the world. We are involved in many countries and in multiple capacities throughout four primary focus areas of the world and two international projects.  

We participate financially with the following ministry partners as we designate “Trinity Missions” in our financial giving. 

Trinity Missions begins in our community because the light that shines furthest, shines brightest nearest home. Join us in these partnerships that include providing funding as well as being involved in actual ministry. Our local ministry partnerships include:

Trinity partners with six American missionary families working with local churches in Central Europe to share the love of Jesus with the people of Bosnia, Croatia, Czech, and Hungary. Join us in prayer, financial support, or on a short-term mission trip as we seek to reach out to those who see religion as an unchanging cultural identity they are born into. 

The Wesleyan Church of Mozambique is expanding rapidly through local evangelism with the Jesus Film. As a result, numerous churches have been started without pastors. Trinity partners with Xai Xai Bible College in the training of pastors to lead these churches, and with the College on Wheels which takes pastoral training to outlying regions. 

Three Trinity Church families live in Muslim areas in which being a Christian can be dangerous. These ministry partners build relationships and live out their faith within their friendships since overt evangelism is a criminal offense. Join us in our regular support of these families by praying and giving, and by being part of a short term team in special circumstances. 


Destiny Rescue
Trinity has a dynamic partnership with Destiny Rescue that includes funding rescue missions, providing Christ-centered after care to overcome the issues that made a child vulnerable to exploitation, and sending teams to work in some of the seven countries with DR operations.  

World Hope - Clean Water Wells, Liberia
Trinity understands that clean water is a holistic issue. It affects health, safety, education, and economic empowerment—and can change the game for vulnerable communities. Trinity partners with World Hope which uses local engineering teams to drill deep water wells in communities, schools, hospitals, and other public institutions that lack a clean and sustainable water source. Local leaders–both women and men–are trained to maintain the water source long after the drilling is done. Trinity has provided two deep water wells that are accessed by several communities in rural Liberia.