Attracting and keeping young leaders in your organization. (And an idol that died in me.)

December 5, 2019 | Pastor Mike Colaw

We have been so blessed at Trinity ( when it comes to staff. We have men, women, and even a little diversity. Could we do better? Absolutely yes. Yet, with all the areas modern organizations try to represent with their staff, there is one that seems to elude many of them: young leaders. Don’t hear me wrong. Young leaders take jobs, they just don’t stay, and often leave very unsatisfied.

In this video a couple of our amazing younger leaders talk:Attracting and keeping young leaders (1)
1)What are young leaders looking for? Heads up! It’s different than previous generations.
2)What are young leaders getting right?
3)What are young leaders getting wrong?
4)A word from them for colleges.
5)A word from them to their future bosses.
6)A word from them to their peers.

What had to die, and is still dying, in me?
As the head of the organization I had to lay before God my platform and take up a mission of building a foundation for the next generation.  I had to embrace legacy over fame.

Andy, Marcus – you all are awesome. Thanks for leading your generation well! I love that I get to work with you.