40 Days in John: Day 4

March 7, 2019 | Pastor Mike Colaw


Scripture: John 2:1-12 | Focus on John 2:10



We now move into the next major section of the book of John. Chapters 2-12 are a series of miraculous signs and stories of Jesus interacting with the greater culture. There is one clear purpose—substantiate Christ as truly the one described in the first chapter. We will walk alongside the ancient Greco-Roman world as they also work to understand who this amazing miracle worker is. The first division (chapters 2-4) of this section looks at four Jewish institutions and how they all are pointing to God.

In chapter 2 we find ourselves in the middle of a large wedding feast. As the party continues Jesus works this interesting miracle. He makes a huge amount of wine so that the celebration may go on. Why? Well, in part because ancient prophetic literature (Isaiah 25:6 for example) makes much of God’s generosity in providing for joyous celebration. After all, a life of constant tedious, exhausting work isn’t God’s design for humanity.

Many of God’s interactions with humanity are a freeing of them from states of bondage that they bring on themselves. Jesus’ first miracle is one of bringing joy. We should take notice, as this shows God’s nature. God’s joy for us is joy in us. Heaven won’t be tedious, it will be pure bliss.


Whatever is going on in life right now, take a moment and meditate on the nature of God.

God is love—literally, he is love. It’s not that he has a lot of the attributes of love. He is the fountain of all that is love.

God’s desire is that you have joy.

God’s promise is that heaven will be a homecoming better than the best family Christmas, birthday party, or vacation you can remember.

Pause and think of God as the true joy bringer.


Father, forgive me of my sins, of the very things that bring bondage. Especially forgive pride that holds my peace hostage. I submit that to you. I pray that my awareness of you as the true joy giver would wash over me and I would find joy in you. Help my heart to enjoy you more. I also pray that my family would find joy in you. I pray my friends would find joy in you. I pray that my spouse would find joy in you. I pray my neighbors and friends that don’t yet know you would find immeasurable joy in you.