40 Days in John: Day 3

March 6, 2019 | Pastor Mike Colaw


Scripture: John 1:35-51 | Focus on John 1:38



There are seven names of Jesus offered in chapter 1 (John likes using the number seven): The Lamb of God, The Son of God, Rabbi, The Son of Man, Messiah, King of Israel, and Jesus of Nazareth. Each is important, but we want to look for a moment at the word used by the first disciples to describe Jesus in verse 38—Rabbi.

Often when studying literature you can uncover the meaning of a word when you look at its context. If you dig into this section of Scripture alone, we can see a basic understand- ing of the word develop.

Rabbi: an instructor or teacher; someone who offers answers; a teacher that is followed by the student (not only figuratively, but literally living life alongside the teacher).

Jesus calls out his followers to walk alongside him, to ex- perience life while in the presence of their instructor. They ate with him, relaxed in the evenings with him, worked along- side him. The disciples would have had a much more involved meaning of “teacher” than our modern use of the word. For us a teacher is a semester long lecturer. If you attend a large university or take classes online, you may have never even met your “teacher.” There was a much greater intimacy in this relationship portrayed in the text.


Is our relationship with Christ like a modern student and teacher, where we show up for a quick “lecture” at church once a week at best? Or is our relationship with Christ more like a Rabbi, a mentor that is alongside us in every aspect of life? We need to bring the teachings of Jesus into our work place, into what we watch on TV, into what we look up online, and into our finances. Jesus as teacher should walk alongside everything we do.


Father, raise my awareness of you. I invite your ways and nature into every aspect of my life. I pray your ways into my home life. I pray your ways into my work life; I pray your ways into my finances; I pray your ways into what I watch on TV, look up online, and do with my spare time. Let me truly have you as a Rabbi in my life. I also pray this over my family, friends, and neighbors—especially for those that don’t know you yet.