40 Days in John: Day 1

March 4, 2019 | Pastor Mike Colaw


Scripture: Read John 1:1-18 | Focus on John 1:3


John opens his work with poetry—a call all the way back to the dawn of time. From the beginning there is the word, a word that shines into darkness. This “word” is the light that not only brought about creation but reveals the nature of God. The light not only illuminates the darkness, it reveals the nature of mat- ter’s maker.

One word comes to my mind, one that men like C.S. Lewis and Jonathan Edwards talk about – charity. It’s doing good unto someone or something independent of their ability or even willingness to reciprocate. God created out of selfless love. This loving, creative expression is the glorious active agency of God, and we are here because of it. The more we turn toward the light the more truly and objectively right things become.

But something happened. The first-century readers would have known this history. The Genesis account shows finite humanity rejecting God’s definition of good and, with the pluck of the fruit, stating to all of creation that it would now decide for itself what is right and wrong. As humanity stepped away from the light, so began the fall of darkness over creation. Many years and centuries pass, and we now find humanity dying— not only physically, but ethically, morally, and relationally.

The poem continues with God working in beautiful charity again by sending himself in flesh, Jesus. This “light” will

conquer death for all who turn towards him.
Then, as I imagine it, there is a dramatic pause and the

The Beloved’s account begins in verse 19 with John the Baptist, a witness about this light.


It was love that made all. Not love like lust for something that exists already, but charity—the generous expression of creative benevolence.

We must pause and see the nature of God. This is the author’s desire, for us to see that God is the source, and that source is very good. Love existed before all matter and is the greatest of all virtues (1 Cor. 13). We find life and wholeness when we turn towards the light giver. The greatest thing we can do with our lives is turn towards the light, towards the source of love itself. This is why God is the only being who can say “worship me,” and it brings more life instead of stealing it away.


Father, help me to turn towards you—to pause in the busy- ness of life and realize nothing I do with my time is more im- portant than turning towards the Light. Father, let your light fill my heart and mind. Let that charitable love pour over me and into others.

I pray for my biological family, I pray for my Christian family, I pray for those in my life who have not turned towards your light yet. Let your love call all to yourself.